Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I'll readily admit I haven't listened to a song by the band Wax (the late Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman) since the late-'80s (has anyone ?).  I didn't even realize they'd released a fourth studio album - 1989's "A Hundred Thousand in Fresh Notes".   Part of my ignorance can be blamed on the fact the collection didn't see a US release.

My recollections of Wax were of two talented pop craftsmen how knew their way around a catchy melody and who knew how to blend their voices into a highly commercial package.  At the same time, their sound was way '80s and hasn't aged particularly well.

Against that backdrop the song 'Maybe' recently caught me ear.  While the song has that '80s production feel, Gold's voice was instantly recognizable; wrapped around a melody that grabbed you by the throat and simply wouldn't let go.  Their harmonies were too-die-for and the Bacharach-and-David styled horn flourishes were simply icing on the cake.   This was the kind of tune 10cc always dreamed about writing.

Here's a YouTube link to let you judge for yourself: