Sunday, May 14, 2017


Leaving Me - Chuck Jackson - Marvin Yancy - 3:20    rating: **** stars

Busy at work and home so it's been awhile since I added anything to the blog.  This one was a track I came across on The Independent's "best of" collection - 1974's "Discs of Gold" (Wand catalog WDS 699).

I think Chuck Jackson handled lead vocals, but the song's mix of soul, pop, and Gospel moves didn't sound anything like the group's typical soul ballads.  Instead, the breezy, uplifting melody recalled a hybrid of Curtis Mayfield and The Staple Singers.  That's a wonderful thing in my book,  The tune was also tapped as a single:

- 1972's 'Leaving Me' b/w 'I Love You, Yes I Do' (Wand catalog number WND 11252)

For anyone who wants to hear the track, thank you YouTube: