Monday, January 16, 2017


Move On Up   (Curtis Mayfield) - 8:50  rating: ***** stars

Classic Mayfield !!!  One of his most inspirational performances and simply impossible to sit still through.  The way he swept into the falsetto refrain was mesmerizing.   When I don't understand the things going on around me, or when things look rough, this always lifts me up.

Probably the best live performance is from an appearance on the German Beat Club television show:   

 Obviously recorded later in his career (apparently for another German television performance), the band intro went on and on and on with the synthesizers being a poor substitute for the original horn arrangement, but still an impressive live performance:   

The track was tapped as an international single:

   7" format
- 1971's 'Move On Up' b/w 'Underground' (Curtom catalog number CR 1974)
   12" format
- 1988's 'Move On Up' b/w 'Little Child Running Wild' and 'Move On Up' (live)' (Curtom catalog number 12 CUR 101)

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