Saturday, November 19, 2016


Eric Mercury was a largely unknown Canadian singer/songwriter who found himself recording with the Stax affiliated Enterprise label.  His label debut was an enjoyable set of soul tunes, that occasionally came a bit too close to Richie Havens territory.   While there were quite a few good songs, the standout was:

 It's Time for Me To Love You   (Steve Cropper - Eric Mercury - William Smith) -  9:23  

Seriously, this may be one of the funkiest jams to ever come out of Stax.   The song retained a distinctive Stax flavor, but the combination of The Memphis Horns, William "Smitty" Smith's Hammond B-3 fills (and you thought only Booker T. Jones could pull off that sound), Richie Simpson's machine gun drums, the Latin percussion touches, and the song's extended arrangement made it quite unlike your normal Stax release.  Try sitting still through this one.  Clocking in at over nine minutes, it was simply too short.  A rarity for me in that this tune deserves five stars.


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