Monday, November 7, 2016


At work I mentioned to a friend I'd seen Peter Gabriel and Sting this past summer.  He asked if they'd played "Sky Blue'.  The answer was no, but having heard the studio version I can remember being less than overwhelmed, so it wasn't a great disappointment for me.  Yeah, I remember the song had a typically stark and stunning Gabriel melody, but so does most everything in his catalog.   And them I stumbled across a 2003 live performance of the song.  Taken from Gabriel's "Growing Up Live" concert DVD, the live performance wasn't all that different from the studio version, with the exception of what the The Blind Boys of Alabama brought to the song ...  simply stunning.  Around the six minute mark the Blind Boys cut loose and it's ... well spine tingling.

And if you find "Sky Blue" stunning, then check out "Cloudless".  Basically the same song without Gabriel's voice, but with the addition of a distinctive African flavor.

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