Thursday, November 24, 2016


Seriously, I can hear the sarcasm already ...  The Hudson Brothers.  What a dork.

The funny thing about this is I was 16-17 when The Hudson Brothers had their brush with stardom.  At that age I was already too old to have captured Hudson fever.  As a result, I knew relatively little about the group.

Hollywood Situation   (Bill Hudson - Mark Hudson - Brett Hudson) - 2:49   rating: **** stars

'Hollywood Situation' was the tune that captured Casablanca Records' attention and was originally planned as their lead off single.  Label President Neal Bogart liked the song so much he agreed to finance an album - 1974's "Hollywood Siutation".  For anyone who thought these guys were nothing more than a television joke, the title track will come as a major shock.  Power pop ?  Commercial rock ?  Who cares about the musical label ?  Opening up with one of the catchiest guitar riffs I've heard in a long time and the nifty refrain,the tune melded a first-rate rock melody with a set of funny lyrics that took dead aim at their reputations. The song was just that friggin' good !!!  

Judge for yourself.  Here's the link to a YouTube clip:

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